About Me

Hello, it’s me.

I promise I’m not singing the Adele song.

I’m just sitting here with nothing to do and thought it might be therapeutic to write.

Where is this going?

I do not know.

But if you stick around long enough, I imagine you’ll see a pattern.


I mean…

I have some ideas, but I’m not focused enough to stick to them.

There’s too much to ponder and my curiousness makes my mind’s eye wander.

Yes, I am a poet and I most certainly did know it.


Watch out!

This blog might just turn out to be one giant rant.

Regardless, if you’ve pretty much caught up with ‘Thought Catalog’

you could always waste your time here.



I wouldn’t take my word for it,

I mean I’m only the one writing this nonsense.


So here’s to #Adventure!

It may not be the ride you signed up for,

but you’re certainly stuck on it.


On what, you may ask.

Why a journey of course!

You are a part of my journey, as I am a part of yours!

I look forward to your comments and questions,

or even your lack thereof.


(Pst… There’s no shame in secret reading to procrastinate… Keep calm and carry on…)


In the end,  I wish you peace and blessings.

May you have very merry day!